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Good Reasons To Rent An Apartment In Jackson MS?

There are obvious reasons for renting an apartment in Jackson, Mississippi, like the higher education facilities, the amenities in and around downtown Jackson, and the great transportation systems and so on, but when renting an apartment, the on-the-ground neighborhood needs to be looked into, as well.

Renting is a long-term commitment, so finding out that you don’t like the neighborhood after you have signed the lease agreement, will set you up for a great deal of unhappiness.

Here is an overview of the neighborhoods in Jackson, MS and why renting an apartment is the best thing to do.

Jackson, MS has a Livability score of 70+. What this means, is that it has a low cost of living (A+), high graduation rates, fabulous, sunny weather and plenty of amenities (A+).

The rents are 15% lower than the National Average and the cost of living is 19% lower than the National Average. These statistics don’t show the whole picture, but do say that the amenities here are more accessible to more people. On average, the neighborhoods are well kept and the people take pride in their surroundings.

The gated security of the apartments ensures peace and quiet for the residents and encourages healthy lifestyles and interaction with neighbors. The high percentage of people studying and working in the many higher-education facilities, adds to a cultured and interesting population.

A car is generally needed to get around Jackson but the number of restaurants, grocery stores and attractions in every neighborhood gives many an opportunity to take an evening walk to find dinner.

Renting an apartment in Jackson, MS will give you a home to be proud of. With reasonable rents, fully equipped kitchens and free water in many cases, it makes good sense to rent, instead of buying. The apartments are beautifully finished with ceiling fans, hardwood floors, walk-in closets, and air-conditioning and so the list goes on. The surrounding gardens are fully maintained along with the apartments. The landlord is always on call should you have concerns.

Coming home to a maintenance-free home and relaxing with your sundowners; what better way to unwind from the day, listening to the birds in the gardens and knowing that your life is perfect?